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Cate Waters

I love how personal this blog post is! Your family and daily activities and how much we get to know you in it. Thank you for sharing this with us and I cannot wait to continue our 10on10 journey together this year!


wow. i thought my day was packed full. you look so pretty and cozy in that first picture. love seeing all the activities that went on.


Love the farm life!

Karol Quinn

I think my favorite photo is the piggy! :) Great job!


What a day!! Great job capturing real life!


This is what I love about the challenge...seeing a glimpse of all the different family lives. Love the pig shot and your son is so handsome doing his chores. I'll show my son that pic next time he complains about unloading the dishwasher! :) I think my favorite is the empty bed. The lighting is so pretty in that one!

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