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Aww, I can see why you love this image so much! You captured them in such a real way and those are the best kind of images if you ask me! The cotton makes for such a gorgeous background, too!!


Often times we are too focus on the technical. I adore this pic because like you said, you captured the expression. I think it's more important than the technical stuff. :) I agree with Chrissy that the cotton makes a gorgeous background.

Dana Cubbage

Agreed! I love the expressions in this photo :) So sweet.


Such a sweet shot

melissa deakin

love how genuine this image is!
it is perfect!

emily horton

I love it. It's absolutely perfect. p.s. this drought has got to end!!! huge oak trees in our town are drying up.


What a beautiful family.. what a life! I have never seen a cotton plant.. I love this photo.. partly because it creates a reality to what I have heard.. but also, I can totally see why it's so special to you. I love the emotion in their faces!

The Rancher's Wife Kate

ahhhh love this so much! Summer is definitely a busy time on our ranch. The boys even were able to ride a real combine once. Such a great photo of your special boys.

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