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Luv the glimpse into ur life


Love the three different perspectives and especially the explanation!

Dana Cubbage

I really love that first image with the picker blurred in the background. Great shots this week and great explanation :)

emily horton

You know I love it when you take us to the field! My favorite image is the second one... there's something so satisfying about seeing the picker there... it's amazing, really. I love your fields!!!


Great pictures. The first one is a great photo. Love the DOF.

Shea Parker

but I SO wish your cotton was closer... I am in desperate need of a cotton field for a photo shoot for a clothing line - the name of the clothing line is "cotton patch kids"- and WHY she named it that when she doesn't have a cotton patch or even know anyone who has one is BEYOND me!! But I can't find anyone who has access to one around here and I don't want to just trespass because it is going to be a lengthy photo shoot! anyway you can transport all that cotton to Mississippi for a few days?


Love it! It's so fun to see the process of gathering the cotton and your photo's of the different focuses. I love your posts!!


I always enjoy your photos because you let us get a interesting glimpse into your life in Texas. My favorite is #2.

@Shea - cracking up about you trying to transport her cotton field. Very funny!

Jayme Franklin {Peninsula Bay Area Childrens Photographer}

I love your post each week because you capture your real life and make it art! these are all wonderful!

melissa deakin

these images are spectacular!
love the cotton and the different focus points in each!


I agree...I really love that first image too. It is so beautiful to see that puffy cotton. Lovely job!!


I love how you showed the 3 different perspectives. Great idea!


I love this, it truly is a little peek into your life! Love the way you captured it in different ways! So pretty.

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