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Aww, so sweet. I love how you captured the one lonely egg peeking out!

The Rancher's Wife Kate

oh my I love it! Our boys had the privilege of watching some baby robins hatch and finally take off out of the nest. It was a really neat experience.

Dana Cubbage

This is beautiful! The light is gorgeous as well :)


What a beautiful photo, I think birds nests are one of the most intricate of creations!

melissa deakin

what a perfect image for this challenge, kelly!
love it.
no matter how many times i see a bird's nest, it is always amazing to me!


These other people can talk about your picture from technical point of view...I just know that you take great pictures!


ooh love this so much! love the colors and the single egg inside the nest. beautiful capture!


That shows how environmentally safe and conscience farms are today

emily horton

perfect! Is that a house sparrow egg?


Well that is just too cool! Great shot!

Lisa Turner

Great find for this week's theme!

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