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blogging is so much more fun that laundry.

love your composition on #1. beautiful kelly.


Beautiful images! I hope you find your way out of the laundry soon, that's never fun!

Emily Horton

I love love love white crepe myrtles... remember I'm in Texas, too, so I know them well! :-) My favorite is the first, with that deep blue sky, the clouds, and the fluffy blossoms... gorgeous.

melissa deakin

beautiful, kelly!
love the contrast of the flowers against that beautiful blue sky!

The Rancher's Wife Kate

so lovely! I love listening to the bees buzz around the blossoming trees. :)


I like the sneaky cloud in the first one very cool! I'll bring my laundry over to you tomorrow ;). Thanks!

Kelly B.

SO pretty against that blue sky! Love your composition!

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