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WOW Kelly! I love these pictures! My brother in law is a cotton and corn farmer! SO I am somewhat familiar with all the machines, but I wouldn't know where to begin photographing them! I love your take on this theme!

Emily Horton

Awesome! You have the most exciting life, it seems. I love love love the way a cotton field looks. These are great!

The Rancher's Wife Kate

I love these pictures so much. Such a great way to think of money!


Great idea! I am always amazed at how others think of the theme! What would we do without cotton? Everything I have on right now is made from cotton. Thank you for working so hard to provide us with cotton!


these are fantastic shots!!! you always ave such a fressh perspective.


That is really cool. I love your take on the theme, and thanks for showing us a piece of your world :)


Wow, such a great take on money! I love it!!

Gail Pomare

sooooo cool!!! love that first shot and what a creative take on the theme

Jayme Franklin {San Francisco Family and Childrens Photographer}

This is a wonderful take on the theme. You live an extraordinary life with such amazing opportunities to photograph!

Lisa Turner

This is a great take! You don't think about people farming cotton it's a civil war thing. But of course they do! Thanks for sharing, really neat.


LOVE this interpretation on Money!

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