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Emily Horton

What a great idea! I love the light in this one. Now... I need to figure out where to get lime butter, because it sounds wonderful!! :)


Emily - It is easy to make! Soften some butter (stick), zest of a lime, and juice of a lime-mix together well and chill.


what a super take on this theme! love it!

Kelly B.

Great idea! Love this shot!

melissa deakin

this is such a fabulous take on the theme.
i only wish i could grow something...i have a black thumb!

Lisa Turner

I can't grow anything to save my life. I am jealous of your bountiful garden! Enjoy it this summer!

The Rancher's Wife Kate

There really is nothing yummier then sweet corn. We are fortunate to have great grandparents who have a farm, and share some with us every year. YUM YUM YUM I have several pictures of my boys enjoying sweet corn. :)

Jayme Franklin {San Francisco Family Photographer}

This is perfect, and your description of the sweet corn made my mouth water...yum and sign me up!

catering los angeles

Sweet corn is my favorite and also it is very testy and yummy...I enjoying the sweet corn everytime while I was small...!

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