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Lisa Turner

All of these look like great locations for people shots too! What wonderful textures.


I'm jealous that you have all that right at your house! Great shots!

The Rancher's Wife Kate

I love all of these so much! It love going exploring with my boys around the ranch. It is still icky weather right now, but soon we will be out exploring again. :)

melissa deakin

oh my!
love these examples of texture!


These are such awesome texture shots- I feel like I could reach out and touch them.


fantastic texture here...great job kelly


Those are some awesome textures! Very cool. Great job this week!


so glad you chose to find the natural texture around you ... these are beautiful! gorgeous job!

Jayme Franklin

The natural textures around you are amazing! I love your first shot. Perfect composition


I love them all! My faves are 1 and 2. So cool to live on a farm and you capture it beautifully! Wonderful job!

Emily Horton

Looking at these again and noticed that I think I forgot to comment last time! My favorites are 2 & 4. These are all gorgeous.

Kelly B.

Oh, my favorite kind of textures! Old and rusty! These are awesome! You totally rocked this week!


WOW! love all the creative textures you came up with

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