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very cool shot...are you loving the lensbaby? hope all is well with jack! that is ambitious kelly!

Emily Horton

A lensbaby! Great shot. I love seeing people's booklists. A.S. Byatt is one of my favorite authors, esp. her Possession. But I've never read The Children's Book. I need to put it on my list.


Love the lensbaby! Glad to hear Jack is doing better! Better get started on your reading!


That's quite the stack! Lovin' the lensbaby look ;) Wonderful!

Jayme Franklin

That is seriously a stack of books for March. I too have one-thousand gifts on my to-read list for this month.


I love the lensbaby too! great shot

Sarah Bunch

Oh you are ambitious!! I wish I could read that many books in a month. I used to be able to... Love it!!

The Rancher's Wife Kate

Kelly I just received my lensbaby in the mail, and I have yet to play with it. Can't wait after seeing your photo. I hope Jack is okay??? Keep us posted.


I think that looks like a stack of books that I could read in a couple of years! LOL! The lensbaby photo is awesome! Thinking of Jack. Stay strong!

melissa deakin

i love looking at what other people are reading.
there are some new ones there for me.
love your Lensbaby image.

Kelly B.

Looks like my stack of books! They look like good reads! Let us know your favs!

Lisa Turner

I really want to try out a Lensbaby! Great shot. I wish I was ambitious enough to read all that in ONE MONTH!


Love that lensbaby! I am going to have to check some of these book out! That stack would take me a few months... maybe years?


I love it! So jealous of the lensbaby, it looks like so much fun to shoot with and I'm impressed that you'll be able to read all of those in a month!!


Awesome. I love Lensbaby images.

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