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So true! it is so wonderful to have true friends! One that you can rely on AND mud wrestle with! Such a wonderful memory you captured, I love the shot- and its lack of technical perfectness just adds to its charm!!


Great picture and I love the story you've told along with it!!


Oh this is FABULOUS! I love the contrast between James and Jack.. this pic totally tells an awesome story. Gorgeous.


This is such a wonderful shot!


Love this. It takes me back to the days when my brother and I played in the ditch. So great! Great job!


OMG!!!!! So much fun!!!! What a great moment captured!!! Fabulous job!


Love this and the story! Great shot this week!


loe the the story and FANTASTIC fav of yours so far!!! love!!!!

Emily Horton

Wow! It feels like they're actually moving! Great capture!!! :-)

Sarah Bunch

Oh wow! This is a fabulous shot!! LOVE!!!!


I love the story that goes with your picture - almost makes me feel like a kid again as I think back to my own childhood. Great picture, too.

melissa deakin

this is a fabulous image and your words let me totally visualize what was happening.
what a great friend!

Kelly B.

Oh boy, that looks like fun! Great shot!

Lisa Turner

I can totally sense the motion here...and I love the connection between the two boys.


Love love!! Fabulous shot. Captures childhood fun.


What a fun shot!!! Great job Kelly. Looks like a lot of fun, from the sidelines of course.

Jayme Franklin

My fav of yours so far on this project. Your processing really fits the story! Love it.


OMGOsh I love it, I can see why it's one of your favorites - I loved the movement in it before I read the story behind it, but the story - friends! - wonderful.

The Rancher's Wife Kate

Yes I love this so much. I have SO many shots of my boys playing in the mud. You our "driveway" is really only a dirt road and during the spring/summer we have mud puddles everywhere all the time. Last summer I always had clothes laying on my deck because I had to strip the boys down out of muddy clothes to give them a bath.
Wonderful shot Emily!!!


boys and mud ... a perfect combo! love this so much!

Stephanie Moore

Oh my gosh I am dying, I LOVE THIS! You captured motion and little boys so good here, great job!

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