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Emily Horton

Oh, Kelly! This is the best photo EVER! I'm so happy for all of you. :)


i'm so happy for you all. what a blessing that he is now shunt free. God is soooooooo good and he answers prayers. hugs!


SO glad he is doing well and on the road to playing basketball again soon! And you are right, this is a huge step to a new beginning.


I am so glad he is doing better. Very precious photo!!!


Sorry trees! But Jackson's photos take the cake. That is truly a new beginning...a glorious new beginning! Congrats!

Jayme Franklin

Yay for Jack and new beginnings! What a wonderful photo to have! Loves!


How awesome- it is so good to hear that he is doing well. :)

Kelly B.

Kelly - first I LOVE the tree shot against the blue sky! And the shot of Jack brought tears to my eyes! He is such a blessing and praise God for His answered prayers! I am sooooo glad he is better and getting back to a normal life - a better life it sounds like! Yeah!


Oh this is just such a wonderful photograph. I love everything it shows.. everything it signifies. Truly a new beginning :) Thank you so much for sharing! Yay Jack!!

melissa deakin

oh kelly,
beautiful images.
i am so happy your son is doing better.
you have been in my thoughts and prayers.
here's to new beginnings!


Wonderful, wonderful. All best wishes to Jack and you - here's to new beginnings!!

The Rancher's Wife Kate

so happy he is doing will have to post a pic of him playing basketball. The is just wonderful for new beginnings!!!


Kelly, I am go glad he is doing well and is recovering quickly. Wow, sports already? What a blessing! Here's to new beginnings!


what wonderful news! congratulations!

Sarah Bunch

WOW. Kelly, that is an amazing shot. I am so happy that your son is recovering so well and will back to playing basketball in no time. You couldn't ask for a better beginning.

Lisa Turner

That picture of your son is so real...and truly a new beginning for him. Great job.


Oh, Kelly! I'm so happy that your son is doing well and that you all have such a wonderful new beginning to be thankful for. Your images are beautiful, this post really touched my heart.

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