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I am so sleep deprived right now. I just want to snuggle up in your bed, haha. Looks very warm! Love it!


There definitey isn't much warmer than your own bed! I love this!!


Indeed, sometimes it is so very hard to get out of it in the morning :)


I will never get out of bed here if I stay on your picture! Definitely snuggly warm!


love this and once again, i want to go jump back in my own bed. i love the neutral tones here


looks like such a cozy bed! makes me want to go get back in mine!

Lisa Turner

I need a nap.


Makes me want to go back to bed!!! LOL Nothing warmer then your nice cozy bed!!!

The Rancher's Wife Kate

I love this picture. I absolutely love my bed too...especially at naptime...and in the early mornings.
Lovely Shot!


Ahhh.. my very favourite place in the world... yum! Beautiful shot lady!

Sarah Bunch

Ha ha ha! You're right on with this one!! And it's especially warm when the rest of house is cold! Fabulous work!


I really like this! Great shot for warmth!

Jayme Franklin

You must have red my mind! Warmth indeed. So glad that tomorrow is Saturday because I get to snuggle in bed for a bit longer!


I'm about ready to go crawl in my warm bed! Great picture!

Emily Horton

Love this one!

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