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Great shot! Glad I don't have to clean them up!


Great photo! Just glad I don't have to clean them up!


LOVE this picture! It is so funny to me that some people don't love red, because I do!! I am so jealous of your new lens!! Great job with the challenge


I love red too!! I think I need a lensbaby. I don't miss stepping on these at night,lol. :)


Love it! Oh my I have really been wanting to try a Lensbaby!


Love this!!! I love lego.. and LOVE red. Super awesome!


what a fun shot! hope you get your internet back soon...i can't imagine not being connected 24/7...

The Rancher's Wife Kate

Yes I agree wtih Krista. I think I like lego pics better then cleaning them up!!! :)

Emily Horton

Legos! YES! I don't have a lensbaby, but I love the look it gives. It's on my list for the future. Good job with this one... you made legos interesting! :)

Sarah Bunch

Cool shot! I think I need to try out the Lensbaby. It looks so fun.


Oooh I want a lensbaby. Cool shot!


Love it!!! My son just started getting into legos!!!

melissa deakin

very cool image.
we are Lego lovers here as well, so this is very meaningful to me.
i am hoping to get the composer myself real soon.

Jayme Franklin

Cool shot, and I am impressed that you could post from your phone! Can't wait to see what you come up with next week!


Love this! I so want a Lensbaby :) Love your take, my daughter is a Lego lover, she would love this!


red lego... my favourite!!!


nothing like a basket full of legos! looks like my house!

Ali C

Perfect red shot! Have fun with that Lensbaby!


I wish I had a dollar for every lego I've picked up already this year! Cool idea! Is this at Legoland? I want a lensbaby!

Very cool shot .. I'm not a fan of red either.. none in my closet. I'm all bout pink! ;)

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