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Love this!! Yep, that self portrait focus is haaard! Love!


Kelly love it! We need to see more you! Yes, focus is hard, I'll PM you some tips if you'd like!


love it! i think you did a great job here!


Great job! So glad we are doing this together. I love the sweater. I have one just like it :)

Jayme Franklin

Kelly, I love this! I can't wait to follow your journey on this project!

Sarah Bunch

I'm with you, Kelly. I threw away the majority of mine because nailing focus was soooo hard!!! The sweater is fabulous, though! ; )

maureenwilson | mccomb mississippi photographer

Nice to *meet you* Kelly! can't wait to see more!!


yay Kelly! glad to be on this journey with you. I need some of those tips on focusing when taking a self portrait too!


So glad to be part of this project with you Kelly.
I had my camera on the timer and put it basically at arm's length, so I could press the shutter without moving my head closer the camera, and then posed while the timer was going. Still, only about half of mine had my eyes in focus. I definitely want to get a remote.

Jessica R

Great picture! Very excited to see more from you! See you next week!

melissa deakin

this is a wonderful sp.
i am so happy to be on this journey with you, kelly!

The Rancher's Wife Kate

Hey Emily,
I had my sister-in-law take my picture because I was outside in the snow! I can't wait to go through this 52 week project with you. :)


looking forward to following your project!


Nailing the focus on yourself is tricky, I scrapped plenty of mine because of it! Great picture!!


Great photo!!! Self portrait is so hard, but you did great!!


I just found you via Alpha Mom. I liked the comment you left on her post about guns. I am the mother of two small children but I like finding blogs where moms have older kids, I feel like I learn so much.

Great job on the portrait. Portraits are SO hard.

Emily Horton

You look great in your self-portrait. I know exactly what you mean... I *never* take photos of myself and when I look through the album I hate that I'm missing in everything. I just got back from a week with my family and noticed that of course there wasn't a single photo of me, so forever it will look like I wasn't there for the birth of my sister's baby. :(
I'm going to make it my goal this year to try to be IN the pictures! Anyway, great job and I'm looking forward to getting to know you this year!

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