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A very happy 13th to Payne! Such great photos - what a boy!! :)
And boy(!!), can I relate to this all and boys turning 13 ... I'll stop right there ;)

The Sister

Happy Birthday to you, too. What a day! I have to agree with the wanting him around part. He's such a delight to have nearby. You can add "plays well with younger cousins" to his list of accomplishments. He is growing up in so many different aspects of life. I hope Tripp grows up to be just like him!


Enjoy your birthday...whenever you get home!! It was so much fun having you with us. I can't believe that you are now 13 years old!! You'll be a great teenager!


Kelly, great birthday for your teenager. He's a great kid. Loved having him with us for part of his birthday.

Love Dad

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