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You can teach so many of us so many things about the computer and the internet. I'm too much like Jon in that respect.


I can lose more time at the computer than I care to admit! I start out at looking for school uniforms and I end up at Fandango or reading about some Broadway play that I'll never see. In the past couple of years I've begun a detox of sorts ... checking my email must be handled like treating an addiction. The sad thing is that it is like being addicted to food. One must eat. One must check her email.

Did you have trouble looking things up in the encyclopedia? My mom would send me to the World Books to look something up, and I would resurface hours later, forgetting what I'd first opened up the "L" book to research. Maybe Mom knew this about me, and this was her way of politely getting me out of her hair... By the way, I love because it keeps me out of the dictionary. I can spend half an hour looking up a word.

I also have to tell you that blog-bouncing can get you places from which you have to quickly turn around and RUN !!! I was surfing through the blogs at, where I sporadically post, and found myself reading stuff I'd NEVER read if it wasn't placed before my eyes on the computer screen!!! The computer can be the DEBBIL!

Hope all's well on the farm.

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